Warmly Welcome

to the
of Family Küpferling


We have start in 2009 our big one Love for Maine Coons discovered and the decision calm to found a small amateur breeding.
Then in winter, 2010 the first putties have seen the light of the world by us.

We live in a house in Kirchdorf am Inn, near the border with Austria and ouer animals is the whole house and a spacious outdoor enclosure available.
For our expectant mothers, we have set up another putty room, so that they can take care of her children the first six weeks alone.

We are member in Cat Club Germany.

Since 07.01.2010 our Cattery is officially registered under the name DRAGONCOONS with the TICA in the USA.

Nowadays each of all knows the price, but only a few the value.

With Club membership, pedigrees, health and screening tests and certificates, vaccinations, microchip, best food and equipment, publications on the Internet, etc. .... originate high costs.

An animal with a pedigree breed has therefore its price.

Kittens from our breeding does not fall under the category of "SPECIAL OFFERS". We try instead to a loving interaction between cat and human!